New sound mixer

The audio effects you get with OpenAL are:

  • pitch
  • pan
  • gain
  • that's it

It's a shame that OpenAL doesn't provide more built-in effects or some equivalent of OpenGL's shaders. HW accelerated or not - they could provide a lot of flexibility without having to rely on vendor-specific extensions.

With Superforce

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Superforce 1.1.1

Pushed a quick Superforce update to the App Store. Version 1.1.1 fixes an issue which could prevent the game from launching on some devices.

It turned out to be a rather nasty bug involving ARM memory alignment requirements and a memory mapped file... ugh.

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Simple Quicklook plugin for OS X

I was curious how hard it would be to make a custom Quicklook plugin for the "raw" images that I use in Superforce. Well, it's not hard at all. It's easy - when you know how!

The boat from Superforce

The NLImage file format is simple: 32bit int width, 32bit int height, then the

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Superforce 1.1

Superforce 1.1 is now available on the App Store. This update brings the following changes:

  • Font rendering quality is improved.
  • Fixed a small visual glitch in menu background animation.
  • Fixed a problem with uploading gameplay statistics to server.
  • Your missiles now automatically target more dangerous enemies.

And here's a

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Font quality

In the upcoming Superforce 1.1 update I stopped using stb_truetype and went back to pre-rendered fonts made with Glyph Designer.

Superforce fonts before & after switching away from STB Truetype

Before & after switching away from STB Truetype

Unfortunately I had some problems with stb_truetype which I wasn't able to solve. Some characters from some fonts were

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