Tiny Player for Mac 1.6.3

Recently I had been getting reports that the playlist wasn’t saved properly but I couldn’t reproduce this error. I added tons of extra logging and asked people to send me log files.

Here’s what I discovered:

  • A database migration was failing while renaming a table column
  • …and it would happen only on macOS 10.14 or older
  • …because those systems include an older version of SQLite
  • …which doesn’t support renaming columns the way newer ones do
  • …and I didn’t notice any of this because my old El Capitan Macbook had died
  • …and some versions of the app silently ignored the migration error

It should be fixed now. Takeaways:

  1. Bundle a private copy of SQLite with the app
  2. Get an old Mac Mini with 10.11 and use it for regression testing

Also new in this version: simple feedback form. Open Preferences → Feedback and let me know what’s on your mind. You can attach the application log file & preferences with a simple checkbox.

Happy Ho ho.