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Superforce temporarily removed from App Store

I just got a notice from Apple that Superforce has been removed from the App Store. Oh no!

Luckily, it was not due to violation of any of the intricate compatibility or privacy rules… it just had not been updated for a while. Not fresh enough!

I’m going to prepare a new build, test it on as many recent devices as I can get my hands on and submit it for review. Superforce is coming back to the App Store soon.

Superforce 3D render

Here’s a 3D rendering of a scene from Superforce, made with Blender. If I ever release another update (or sequel) to Superforce, I might get back to this, add some explosions & other SFX and use it as a proper cover image.

And here’s a quick animation. It’s just a concept so the 3D scene doesn’t match the screenshot but I see some potential for this kind of presentation.

Superforce 1.1

Superforce 1.1 is now available on the App Store. This update brings the following changes:

  • Font rendering quality is improved.
  • Fixed a small visual glitch in menu background animation.
  • Fixed a problem with uploading gameplay statistics to server.
  • Your missiles now automatically target more dangerous enemies.

And here’s a video TRAILER for Superforce:

Superforce for Mac? Not really…

I have a working build of Superforce running on Mac OS X. Am I going to release it? Nope. So what is it for?

The iOS Simulator is fast enough for running apps. It is way better than the Android emulator, but it’s not fast enough to run a game at 60FPS. And it is completely useless for running a game that is controlled by the accelerometer. There’s a way around that, but it’s too complicated for my taste. I want to iterate quickly, so I’ve invested some time to optimize my workflow.

Setting up a Mac build has paid off almost immediately.

The Mac version starts super quickly and runs smoothly at 60FPS. I can comfortably control it with keyboard and mouse. Another big advantage is that it can read and write files in the filesystem. This is required for the built-in level editor. It also helped me identify a few areas in my code which had problems on a 64-bit architecture. I was able to fix those without ever running the game on a 64-bit iOS device.

Superforce running on Mac OS X

Superforce details

Superforce is a one man project. It has a limited scope. Instead of generating tons of content, I’m focusing on making the core mechanics as good as possible, adding some nice details and generally having fun making it.

Design goals

  • Easy to play
  • Simple controls
  • Quick 5 minute sessions
  • Destruction = fun
  • iPhone only


  • Storyline
  • Enemy & weapon variety
  • Boss fights
  • Huge number of levels
  • Launch on multiple platforms

Would be nice

  • Achievements
  • Global highscores

For a sequel

  • In-game shop with upgrades
  • iPad version
  • Mac version with level editor


  • Single purchase game
  • No ads
  • No free-to-play bullshit

Superforce main menu