The latest annoying update from Dropbox made me look around for an alternative.

iCloud, Google Drive and OneDrive might seem like the obvious candidates but I’d rather avoid them. Why? They are too much like Dropbox. Sooner or later they are going to introduce a similarly annoying UI blunder, crippling limitation or an unfriendly plan.

So I decided to try Syncthing instead. Simple, free, self-hosted, with Linux, Mac and Windows clients. Sounds good…

You deleted 9094 files from Dropbox
Yep. Do I want them back? Nah, I’m good.

From a business standpoint it probably makes sense that Dropbox doesn’t offer a pay-for-what-you-use plan but that is exactly what I want. With Syncthing, it’s no problem.

I set up a simple DigitalOcean VPS as a “master” node that’s always online and adding extra storage space is super easy and cheap.

I’ve been using Syncthing for about two weeks now and it seems to be working really well. It is solid software, complete and functional with no extra fluff. Filesystem changes are picked up and synced quickly.

★★★★★ / ★★★★★

Syncthing web UI
The device management & overview of sync status.