Alien aircraft authoring

Made a simple editing tool for creating new saucer animations.

I have a basic body of the saucer produced by the renderer. Then I add some overlay details that move back and forth and make it look like it is rotating. They need to be positioned precisely and each has to have its radius set according to its position on the saucer body.

Didn't want to edit this by hand.
Didn’t want to edit this by hand.

So I made this. Clicky quicky tweaky!
So I made this. Clicky quicky tweaky!

Now I can take the 12 odd saucer shapes I have rendered and make them airborne in no time. The invasion begins!

Note: Wonder why there’s no saucer in the 2nd picture? Well actually it is there but there is black bar placed over it. I would love to show it to you but I’m bound by the Martian Invasion NDA (Non-disclosure agreement) that states that if I reveal it too early they will come and get me and perform some serious probing on me.

Luckily the NDA will soon expire.