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Repro shutdown announcement

The Repro iOS app and website will go offline next week.

It’s been an interesting project. I built it from scratch and learned a lot making it. Wrote an iOS app, handled user feedback and went through several updates, later I also built and maintained a server backend API and an accompanying public website. Overall, I still like the idea but the thing is that I like some other ideas even more and need more space to pursue those.

Bye, Repro!

Repro 1.5

Repro version 1.5 is out now.

The most important addition is the online gallery. Now it’s really easy to share your before-and-after photos, directly from the app.

There’s a nice interactive slider on the page that allows people to switch between the two pictures.


Out now: Repro camera app for iPhone

Today I’m releasing a small iOS application called Repro. It is not a game but I have enjoyed working on it and I’m having fun using it. Hope you will, too.



Overlay a picture in the camera viewfinder to take multiple perfectly aligned shots.

  • Take a picture with your camera or pick one from your photo library
  • Repro shows it as a transparent overlay in the viewfinder
  • Align your camera to match the overlay and take another picture that is just like the original!

Get it from the App store

With Repro you can:

  • Make before/after shots
  • Re-shoot postcards or old photos
  • Create picture-a-day series
  • Document progress of your work

Photos get saved to the camera roll so you can use your favourite apps for editing and sharing.