As I lean towards self-hosted software, I recently switched from Bitbucket to Gogs.

Gogs turned out to be one of the best web-apps I have used in a long time. It’s easy to install and maintain, with a simple and fast interface.

The issue tracking and wiki are quite minimal but work well. I do miss an equivalent of Github’s “gists” to hold small snippets of code independent of any repository.

Running on a standalone $5 Digital Ocean VPS.

UPDATE: After using Gogs for a while on a small VPS, I ran into problems with RAM consumption for larger repositories/commits when doing git pull. This fixed it:

git config --global core.packedGitWindowSize 16m
git config --global core.packedGitLimit 64m
git config --global pack.windowMemory 64m
git config --global pack.packSizeLimit 64m
git config --global pack.thread 1
git config --global pack.deltaCacheSize 1m