Tempo, a PHP static site generator

I got tired of the constant Tumblr outages and keeping a Django site up and running seemed like too much work, so I made Tempo. Tempo is a small static site generator written in PHP. I use it for this site and will probably use it for some others in the future. It takes

  • A small PHP config file
  • Text files with a simple header
  • Source images of any size
  • PHP-based templates

and transforms them into a static html site. It can

  • Resize images to fit the specified page width
  • Create a blog archive listing page and an Atom feed
  • Skip “draft” posts (filenames that start with #)
  • …not much else, really. Isn’t that enough?

URLs are built like this:

about.txt becomes about.html
blog-2011-10-10-blog post title.txt becomes blog/2011/10/10/blog-post-title.html

For text formatting, just use HTML tags. URLs starting with http:// are automatically converted into links.

Get the source code here.