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Type Raiders updated to 1.1

After a long time I’m releasing a small update for Type Raiders.

What’s new in Type Raiders 1.1

  • The game is now completely free. Demo limits have been removed.
  • Mac version now includes its own Java runtime, which means it should run on any new Mac without the need to install Java separately.
  • Windows version is no longer supported. Sorry.
  • Updated the LWJGL library to 2.9.0 for improved compatibility and stability.
  • Enable crash reporter. Crash reports contain no personal information.

Devastro and Type Raiders now free

Devastro and Type Raiders are now completely free.

Mac versions now include their own private Java runtimes. This means that they will run fine on systems that don’t have Java installed.

Windows versions are no longer available.

Big thanks to everyone who has purchased either of the games throughout the years. Sales have obviously gone down since the game had been released and I no longer feel the need to keep the purchase system working. It’s been fun.

Type Raiders released

It is my great pleasure to announce that I have just finished and released my new game, Type Raiders. It is a nice little game with gorgeous graphics that makes it really easy and fun to practice touch typing.

Windows and Mac OS X downloads are available here.

If you like it, have some suggestions or if you find bugs, don’t hesitate to email me. Thank you.