Devastro updated!

Devastro has just gone through a major overhaul. What’s new? Plenty! Now there’s water in the game! And tanks, new enemies, twice as many levels, more intuitive controls, a truly grandiose finale and countless other improvements.

If you’ve been reading this blog you already know about some of the changes but now you finally get the chance to try it out yourself.

What’s new:

  • Tanks
  • Over 50 levels
  • Water
  • Giant flying acid-spitting brains
  • Aliens with laser guns and with animation
  • New and improved sound effects
  • Improved visual effects (thanks to smooth alpha blending)
  • Muzzle flashes for the machine guns
  • Full version now separate from demo (has higher audio quality)
  • Support for localization
  • Improved controls (ie. you can hold the “walk” button)
  • Status bar and better team management
  • Clouds that cast shadows on the ground (looks great)
  • More cutscenes (and new graphics for the General)
  • Reworked finale (hilarious!!)