D2 log 074 – New level format

The graphics backend rewrite took a while. However, the situation is now good.

  • Sokol rendering works, uses Metal backend, iOS & Mac targets functional
  • Sprite & font renderers rewritten, new render pipeline with fullscreen FX
  • Game update & render loop rewritten
  • Entity system simplified in major way
  • Mobile version is now top priority, dual stick style

Next, I’m droping tilemaps and making entire maps in Blender. Everything is just one big texture. This gives me freedom in level design and saves work making tiles… tileable. Interactive elements will be placed using the in-game editor.

I export the rendered terrain from Blender as a RGBA image but with alpha value set to depth. So it’s RGBZ. The custom terrain shader uses the z-channel to draw water in lower areas of the level.