D2 log 069 – Editor streamlining

While making a test level to try out some gameplay-related code I realized the editor had become a bit cumbersome to use. It was time for another round of editor improvements.

Some commands got moved into a global top menu bar, which helped a lot. Not all controls need to be always visible.

Second, I added a panel with the sorely needed list of all entities in a level. It automatically pans the camera to the selected entity and the next tab shows all its properties.

The navigation mesh was a separate layer of points and links with its own custom editing mode. I converted the navpoints into regular game entities. Same for the navmesh object which pulls them together and handles path search queries. Now the only custom code is the test mode (move origin/destination points around, editor draws the resulting path).

Finally, I upgraded all the editor icons. They were a total mess and adding new ones was a pain. Now they are all in a single Pixelmator document, ready to be exported with 1 click. The icons will not be seen by players but it helps me see quickly what’s what.