D2 log 045 – Episode selection screen

Finishing the episode selection screen. Made a new Blender cover template, where each episode has its own scene and a single export command puts everything in the game.

Dots below the posters represent levels, filled ones are completed.

With the code & pipeline set up, I can focus on the content.

The missions in the first game were kind of all over the place. This time I’d like each episode to have a central theme with specific objectives to be completed over the course of 3-5 missions.


  • Is there going to be an stealth mission? Haha, no, sir. We’re going loud.
  • Escort mission? Forget it.
  • How about a mission with a farmer driving a tractor and you sitting in the trailer and shooting things? Why not.
  • Do you need to get said farmer some beers? Yes!