D2 log 035 – Moving assets

This week I took a dive into the Assets folder and organized it.

Up until now it had a flat structure and it was fine. But as I kept adding more new assets it became hard to keep track of everything.

First I grouped the obvious things, more or less at random. After a while I was able to see the bigger picture: how many of which assets there were and their relations. Based on that I designed a new folder structure and sorted the rest.

fx / particles / 
fx / explosions / 
fx / water / bubbles / 
ui / 9patch / 
ui / cursors / 
ui / hud / 
tiles / set1 /
tiles / set2 /

Many filenames didn’t make any sense so I decided on a new naming scheme which should be simple enough to maintain and easy to understand later.

It was a good opportunity to get rid of all the leftovers from Superforce which were used to quickly bootstrap the new project but weren’t referenced anymore.

Now I’m quite confident that I can manage all the new assets quickly and stay on top of things.

Further reading: HN, Gamasutra