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D2 dev diary 003 – PAK files

Game assets are packed into a single “PAK” data file, with optional compression. The game’s virtual filesystem can access files in the PAK file and has a fallback to the native filesystem. For compression I used the LZ4 library – it’s fast and easy to integrate.

The format of the PAK file is quite simple. It contains data of all the files and at the end there’s a table of contents, with filenames, offsets and lengths.

I have a simple utility app that creates the data file. There’s an option to turn off compression for faster rebuilds during development; it also gets automatically disabled for  files smaller than 1KB and for all OGG audio tracks.

Tiny Player for Mac 1.2.7

Tiny Player for Mac version 1.2.7 is out now. It adds support for macOS Mojave’s Dark Mode:

Tiny Player for Mac 1.2.4

Tiny Player for Mac version 1.2.4 is out now. This update brings the following improvements:

  • Playback → Always enqueue new files (don’t clear playlist)
  • Playback → Go to current track
  • Fix zero padding of track number for current track
  • Fix ⌘L shortcut for changing playback mode
  • Remember playback mode after restart

UPDATE: 1.2.5 is out now to fix a problem with saving the Playback mode.

Alternative music players for Mac

Tiny Player for Mac

  • First and obvious choice
  • Free


  • Subscription based, from $4.99 / month
  • Cloud storage service


  • $19.95


  • Hub for online sources

Audio Playr

  • $8.99


  • Open source


  • Primarily a video player, but has a playlist and handles audio as well


  • Open source


  • Open source, media manager




  • Electron based
  • Open source
  • Drag & drop breaks it

foobar2000 for Mac

Tiny Player for Mac 1.2.3

Tiny Player for Mac version 1.2.3 is out now. This update brings the following improvements:

  • Fix file associations
  • Add new playback mode: single track
  • Press ⌘L to cycle playback modes
  • Press ⇧⌘← and → to seek within current track by +/- 15 seconds
  • Basic accessibility labels
  • Ignore keyboard shortcuts when window is out of focus


Repro 1.5

Repro version 1.5 is out now.

The most important addition is the online gallery. Now it’s really easy to share your before-and-after photos, directly from the app.

There’s a nice interactive slider on the page that allows people to switch between the two pictures.